Easy to Admit

I have strayed away from the paper, from the pen mostly due to fear of what it would mean, message it would send to jump back into the water of some where I drowned before unable to swim in the depths and struggling to breathe even more my words tend to become reborn either through... Continue Reading →


How do I put this into simple terms? If I seek your attention, I have my intentions rather put bluntly, I have made my intentions known whether to understand you more or progress an attraction the seeds have been planted, I have intention to reap what I sown there is no need to date for... Continue Reading →

Odd Tango

For years the landscape has remained the same although this all started with a drastic change a move to a new location and a budding friendship that began realizing there was more to it than we could understand stopping ourselves from going too far as we both had commitments, we put a top on that... Continue Reading →

Same Way

Today there are some of us that celebrate A day in which our savior rose from being dead A death that signified salvation for so many Yet do we forget more of the meaning His love for us was something to be exemplified Today is about his resurrection, remember why he died It was not... Continue Reading →

Second Best

Make me know I am important I refuse to be second best Why give you my all when you deem me like the rest You miss the point of what my actions meant I will just go back from where I went If I gave up you for lent Would it take that much for... Continue Reading →

My Dignity

Writing for myself is not about the fame or the glory It is a way for me to teach, to show, and to share my story While some may consider it painful at times There is also a feeling of familiarity in these rhymes Emotions that others have felt and struggled with Yet their knowledge... Continue Reading →

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