New Path

Based on the words I should have eternity Should be living my days flourishing in passion Flowing through the waves of happiness and love I have been told I was loved without condition Time and time again yet a condition arose Where I move from beloved into the hated My actions scrutinized even though reactionary... Continue Reading →


In the manner in which the Lord created me I was made as a catalyst for what is to be that entity that breeds change telling you not to stay the same creating that sense of urgency, that demand to take what you want in the palm of your hand making you feel convicted inside... Continue Reading →


It is said home is where the heart is Well my home is where you are My heart broken into eight pieces You hold them all and I am thankful Despite the pain and struggle, I am relieved In some parts I am elated that I was able Able to get this far Able to... Continue Reading →

A Plea

I keep to myself, I tend to observe more than I speak I stay quiet a lot, sometimes the less you talk the more you see Start this out with a simple request, from a good man to you, a plea Love me for who I am, love me for me, and not just my... Continue Reading →

Actions vs Words

It becomes an easy question with no real answer, Why is there such a drastic amount of less care for the man? Especially the black male Yes we all know of the ones who have hurt others Seek to exploit those they can with their wit and charm Those who create and perpetuate abuse whether... Continue Reading →


Each time we spoke I remembered the feeling, the thoughts, the admiration when I saw you I forgot about the rest of the world, any pain, any hurt when near you I embrace it all the feelings, your aura, your fragrance all I wish is to be able to continue to remember your voice in... Continue Reading →

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