Open Dialogue

I was failed, this is just something to come out and say. As a child, I was failed, as a teenager, I was failed, as a young adult I was failed drastically. In turn, I became the product of said failures. This will not be a moment of poetic enthusiasm or a smart way of... Continue Reading →

The Sunset

It goes without saying that I stand by my feelings, whether accepted or not, whether understood or disregarded, I feel no need to backtrack or retract.  I have no desire to denounce what I stated as truth, I stand by that truth and move on to what is present in the now.  No need to... Continue Reading →

Creative Irony

This is one of those moments where the words are supposed to flow where I should be able to freely express how I feel and show the rest of the world, the thoughts inside of my mind however this is more pain than freedom, more torture than relief in the time it took me to... Continue Reading →

Knuckles and Bricks

In hopes that this would be reassuring My attempts to create communication yield no results Running a marathon alone for a two person journey Hitting a brick wall consistently in pursuit of progress Whether my hands bleed and I lose my skin From scraping and clawing at the obstacles ahead Putting forth maximum effort to... Continue Reading →

Life and Love Exam

Without question and without pause, I will always remain the person this one to look past the stars It is often asked of me just remain who you are, be yourself, never falter but am I accepted as such, is the understanding of such a person the destination or does fear, pride, hubris, and arrogance... Continue Reading →

Crowded Paths

Mind so busy that it creates the plot of a mystery creating situations and circumstances from the nuance of fear so worried about the next person to cause a tear to fall from your face, to fall through your heart breaking it as they tunnel their way through forcing themselves into your life through manipulation... Continue Reading →

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