This Word: Love

Heart on my sleeve: check

Wear my emotions on my face: check

Deep sense of loyalty: check

Understanding of how to stay in one place: double check

Whether it is by fate or divine intervention, there is a reason you exist in my life

You have been through enough, take a break, get some rest, I’ll show you what is right

right way to be loved

right way to love

instructor at your service on the subject of being reserved

you want to know what it means

this is the meaning of being loved by me.

Never alone in a conflict whether internal or external

I will do my best to always be there whether in spirit or in flesh, daytime or nocturnal

I can become your creature of the night if I need to be

struggling to stay awake just so that I am there when you lay down to sleep

making sure you and your little man understand what it means to see and breathe a man

different scenario than you were used to but I do understand

not all people appreciate the beauty within the pain

not all people will be able to comprehend that there is sunshine always in the rain

whether it hides behind the clouds or if it forces the light through

the sun is shining behind the darkness, so you should do the same too

I once embraced the darkness and lo and behold, survival I have attained

then I decided to embrace the light, the pain of living life is now where I remain

Yet back to the two subjects at hand, blessed to have them in my land

I greatly enjoy holding your hand in mine, love can feel so grand

This is just a short and well simple aside to tell you how much you mean to me

grateful for you both being in my life, hoping it can be for an eternity.


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