Knuckles and Bricks

In hopes that this would be reassuring

My attempts to create communication yield no results

Running a marathon alone for a two person journey

Hitting a brick wall consistently in pursuit of progress

Whether my hands bleed and I lose my skin

From scraping and clawing at the obstacles ahead

Putting forth maximum effort to change the thread

Those that pull and tug at your heart and your head

The moment I tear down a few bricks from the past

You add more with aggression and twice as fast

The moment my hand attempts to reach through to you

You knock down the next pile of rubble, what am I to do?

I can be the patient mason, slowly chipping away at a monster

Knowing on the other side of this plaster

More and more building is happening and your fear moves faster

Because it is much easier to hurt someone else

In the name of protecting yourself

Much easier to keep pushing me away

Keep building more and more walls

Instead of putting the cement down

Stepping back

Letting me continue to deconstruct all the past pain

The story that you do not understand is that of rebirth

New walls being built but not out of hurt

These new structures created from love and adoration

These new walls that signify places to move

And feel safe within

These new walls no longer stained with the tears

of regret, disappointment and hurt that you once shed

these new walls that show you that your journey

is not close to finished yet

that there is much more to have in this world

much more to see than being locked away

much more to experience

and all in the proper way

instead of brick by brick

destroying the one you claim to care for

allow these hands

and this heart

to tear down the wall while you wait

patiently yourself

not on defense, not on guard

my knuckles are already bleeding

and scarred

and yet all I see on the other side

is you putting up another wall


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